About the musical motifs

I’d like to tell you a bit about the connection between the music and the story of SPLINTER IN THE EYE. A part of my musical roots lies in the classical music, and reappearing or altering melodic motifs belonging to a certain person or process (e.g. in symphonic poems or in the opera) have been fascinating me since I was a child. That is why there is a musical motif for each of the main characters on SPLINTER IN THE EYE - the girl and the scientist (Dr. Abott Barnaby), and these motifs appear in various forms in almost every song.
The girls’ melodic motif (which was composed by my daughter) is already indicated in the prologue right after the beginning, first played by the solo violin and then by the moog synthesizer. After the second part of Dr. Barnabys’ speech, it finally appears in its full form (played on guitar and piano).
The motif at the start of the track “Growing Up” (played by the piano) is the one which belongs to Dr. Barnaby.