Single Celled Organism - The Music


1. She's awake

Ingo Salzmann – Guitars
Isgaard – Vocals, Voice
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Voice

Sleep, darkness, memories, noise
Sleep, silence, endless, noise, noise
Sleep, dreaming, moving
Noise, noise, a voice, awake

She's awake
The light is much too bright for now        
She has to wait till all those
Busy men in white allow
The world to be disclosed

A rose to smell a breeze to feel
On virgin skin that's waiting for
A touch so real

With open arms and an open mind
She will be out, she can explore
What she will find
What is behind one wall


3. I'd Like to See

Katja Flintsch – Violin
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars, Bass

I burn my words, burn my thoughts
To flee from all that hurts me at night
And keeps me from falling asleep
It creeps in so deep

I feel the rain on my skin
But water-drops won't wash away the pain

And I can't see her feeling free
With no walls around
I hope she's safe and sound
And she won't be so close to me
That I could see her face
I'm out of time and space

Break it down, face the frown
That stares at you from the mirror
Cast out pride, timeless fight
Day in day out my psycho-rite

I run away just to return
While my footprints on the ground start to decay

And I can see what she could be
Without her past
But no way to re-cast
I'd like to see how she smiles at me
Erase the past!
A smile is what will last


4. Ride On A Ray

Ingo Salzmann – Guitars (Crunch, Distortion, Solo)
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars (clean)

Fascinated by the beauty all around
Her soul is flying though her feet still touch the ground
With open senses, open eyes
She feels like she will float away
Her world is here and she will stay
This is the first of a million days
Fascinated by the beauty all around

Ride on a ray
She's newborn today
A wide space to take a trip across this land
A smile is on her face
She stands breathin' deep
Tries to keep this moment

It's just the outset just a teaser to get more
Her mind is open feelings sink down to the core
'round the corner there's a stage
A band is playing Rock 'n' Roll
She starts to smile 'cause in her head
Fascinated by the beauty all around


6. Save Me From Dreaming

Isgaard – Vocals
Johnny Beck – Guitars
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

You are blinded by the light
Don't you think it's allright
To keep the eyes wide open        
While watching the sun on it's way

This is the world behind the screens
This world is made of real-life scenes
Individuals without identity

Dont' they ask: Who? What? Where? Why?
Dont't they dream, rejoice or cry
A stagnant sallow nonentity

Please save me from dreaming
'cause what I live all night
Isn't what I feel inside

An alliance of sociopaths
Neurotics lead with words - full blast
A species
Sabotaging itself

She can't believe that there's no voice
To explain that there's a choice
To decide
Don't be wide-eyed        

Please save me from dreaming...
...Please save me from falling asleep
Don't want to drift away
to become Morpheus' prey

Is it all they are striving for
Don't they see there is so much more
To find out
She’s afflicted by doubts


8. Hey You

Ingo Salzmann – Guitars
Katja Flintsch – Violin & Viola (for orchestra-simulation)
Olek Bakki – Violoncello (for orchestra-simulation)
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, additional Guitars
Kai Ritter - Voice

Outlaws, utopians, visionaries
Sworn friends in silent resistance
Years ago you left the zone
Broke up with all that life had shown
Way back to freedom

Hey you, are you listening to me now
You think it's just a game or just a show
Hey you, are you standing by my side
To help her out of this?
Come on and make it right

Untouchable and safe and sound
A life in hiding out of bounds
A crew of dropouts
Self-conceit, arrogance
Observe the zone from a safe distance
A wide grin on your face

A single man can stop a tank
And stand in front – one crazy crank
Envisage and imagine utopias
Examine if this could be real


9. Humble

Isgaard – Vocals
Katja Flintsch – Violin & Viola (for orchestra-simulation)
Olek Bakki – Violoncello (for orchestra-simulation)
Jens Lueck – Keyboards, Guitars, Programming

I am leaving, I am alone
I start breathing, I'm on my own
I am drenched to the bone
And somehow frightened
A kind of well-planned chaos all around
A strange feeling grows
And starts to touch me
The fear's transforming slowly, I'm spell bound

There's peace in me, there's peace outside
And I can understand how it's meant to be
I stand here silently, my senses open wide
And I can understand that I am free
And I am humble


11. Inhale the Dark

Isgaard – Vocals
Jens Lueck – Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar

When heartiness breaks
‘cause cold is tearing strongly
When souls flee to a nook
To escape from everything
Then I look back way far
Where there was only uniqueness
And nothing made me doubt
Step out

Drink the poison, inhale the dark
Till only what is true remains
Spit out the lies, scratch out the mark
Till water clear is running through my veins

Take me back into my cell
And switch on the TV
That I can see reality
Dear world I bid farewell
I want to choose a truth
That lets me sleep at night
That keeps away the fright
One friendly welfare sooth


2. The Final Door

Johnny Beck – Electric Guitars
Jürgen Osuchowski – Acoustic Guitars
Volker Kuinke – Recorder
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion

One final door
And the real world behind
It's one more step to take
Just down the line

No need to deal
With the voice in your head
It's an echo from the past
There's no way to recast
A shadow that will last
Your whole life long

Step out into an open space
A pavement crowd
People face to face
Still anxious deep inside

Human race
Are you one of them?
Say yes and share their place

Now you're in
Flowing with the swarm
Confused but full of joy
You will conform

A rush of blood
Is running through your veins
Adrenaline released
Endorphins increase
The shadows are deceased
The clouds are gone
You're moving on
To capture what you see
Compare it to the screens
And then break free

You have support
From doctors, therapists,
And nurses caring well
Will block the gates of hell
Would even break a spell
For you

Hold on to what you feel
Hold on to what is real
You're safe here

Hold on to what we do, we
Are here just for you
Have no fear!

We will watch over you
And we can see what you do, yes
Even when you sleep

We will look through your eyes and
See what you try to disguise

We can hear what your ears
Receive nothing disappears
We're attentive

We analyse your mind flow
Brain chemicals won't grow too far
We'll intercede


5. Doubts

Johnny Beck – Solo-Guitar
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming

She roams around through parks and lanes
There's so much to explore
But faces look at holo-screens
All beauty is ignored (she thinks)
Is there anybody ‘round who feels like me?
Are the pictures on your screens better than reality?

She climbs up to the viewing point
the highest place in town
So many tourists standing here
Gazing ‘round and ‘round
Is there anybody here who cares about
The baby in the stroller that is crying loud

She wants to learn and understand
What life is all about
A focused eye behind the scenes
Will remove the cloud
Her mind is restless
Her soul is full of doubts

A crowd inside a shopping mall
Consumption level high
And still the private wish list grows
Their needs will not run dry
Is there anyone in here who thinks about
The crowd behaviour, isn't there a single doubt?

They're lost in stupid TV-Shows
Without a single break
From day to night from night to day
A never ending fake
Is there anybody watching, then wailing loud In face of all this nonsense that is sent out?

She wants to learn and understand...
….Looking back in history
Breaking down the past
Will explain reality
She'll understand at last
Her mind is anxious
But no way to forecast

She tries to talk to anyone
'bout science and history
To understand the world around
And all that she can see
But no-one can reply to what she wants to know
They don't know about anything and let things go

Music and philosophy
Poetry and art
Presented in abandoned halls
Not many who take part
Is there anyone out there with an open mind
Who likes ambitious content – clear defined!


7. I'm Not Human

Isgaard – Vocals
Johnny Beck – Guitars (second part of the song)
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Guitars (first part of the song), Backing-Vocals, Mouth-Percussion, Programming

I’m made of flesh and bone
Can decide on my own
I feel cold inside

I looked behind the scenes
Now I know what it means
To be lonely

And deep in me
A crack is forming silently
It eats my soul
Bitchy like black holes
Swallow swallow hollow

Help me out
Help me out of here

I’m feeling down and out
My heart is screaming loud
My mind signs „overflow“

This world is built on lies
I cannot sympathize
With „bread and games“

And deep in me
There’s something forming silently
It fights its way
From dark up to the light
Light is shining brightly

Only way
Spell the words to say

I am the TV-girl
I am not human
I don’t belong to them
So I stop to zoom in


10. Entanglement Runs Off

Guitars – Ingo Salzmann
Katja Flintsch – Violin & Viola (for orchestra-simulation)
Olek Bakki – Violoncello (for orchestra-simulation)
Johnny Beck – Additional Sequence-Guitar
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming / Kai Ritter - Voice

It's grown dim to hide
The sky-rim so wide

At top speed from mace to rocket
Bad breed
And so you burn the ground you leave behind
A split screen – mind
Subjugate or break down, castles built on bones
Actions shaped by hubris can't repay the loan

Gunmen have been crowned
Still blood on their hands
Smile at children, tell them fairytales of peace
Virtues long forgotten, mental breakthrough
Caused by Bacon and Descartes
Misused – progression ceased
Respect for a universe that affects
All that is and all that was and what will be
Visions recognising primal wisdom
To feel and think likewise
Lay down all conventions make conceit drown
And open up unknown skies

Born at the moment of Big Bang
There's a network joining all
Heard about it thanks to Heisenberg
And I believe!
Feelings make conceive that if  
We cleave it all entanglement runs off
So choose the other way
There's nothing more to say

Born in humility
Scorn blows up to self-conceit now

Break up! Shake up!


Splinter In The Eye


1. Prologue (The Mark Of Cain)

The Speech of Dr. Abbott Barnaby:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very proud to inform you about a recently started experiment about the development of personality in the overcrowded flood of information in our world today. In an artificial environment a girl has been created and she will grow up for the following 18 years in a hermetically sealed living area without any visible doors to the outside world. She doesn’t know about the existence of other human beings. Her living area is equipped everywhere with hidden cameras and microphones, and roughly 50 screens are installed on one wall of the main living room. During the first years robots look after the girl; in addition on one of the installed screens runs a learning programme that is adapted to the actual  phase of the girl’s development and which teaches the girl to speak and, later to read and write.  In the course of time the robots will become more and more passive and then, on the girl’s 11th birthday, they become completely inactive. A few days later all the screens will be switched on and from this moment on will continuously show specially selected programmes of all sorts: films, news, entertainment shows and documentaries. We will watch her all the time and cameras record without any break to see how she develops under the influence of the surrounding information. Once a year a meeting will be held to give an update about the state of the girl’s development. Finally I want to remind you, that all of you are bound to professional discretion by signature.

A genius-brain ·
Working out an idea so bizarre ·
The mark of Cain ·
Branding his ego like a scar

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Jan Petersen: All Electric Guitars • Katja Flintsch: Violin • Volker Kuinke: Bass Recorder • Kai Ritter: Voice (Dr.Abbott Barnaby)


4. Flying Home

Flying home
Where the world is right
Where I can hold you tight
Flying home
Leave it all behind
Get it off my mind
Flying home
To lay down my head
There‘s no good, no bad
Flying home
To embrace my wife
To give up the strife

J.L.: Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Dieter Koch: Acoustic  Guitars • Ingo Salzmann: All Electric Guitars • Ekiss Giloc: Bass •  Volker Kuinke: Soprano Recorder


6. Flies In My Head

I’ve seen it on the screen
I’ve been there in my dreams
So many times in the past
Those pictures on the screen
Show landscapes so green
Must be my paradise at last
Flies are arrogant
I learned about arrogance
Flies don’t move
I have learned to move
But flies are vigilant
Are they really vigilant
Or do they just rely on someone
Someone called god?
Got those flies in my head
There is no change ahead
My life’s in a loop instead
Got those flies in my head
It seems I’m already dead
Who can exist in my stead

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Programming • Isgaard: Vocals •  Dieter Koch: Acoustic Guitars • Jan Petersen: Lead Guitar •  Ingo Salzmann: Tremolo Guitar • Ekiss Giloc: Bass


7. I Can’t Feel

I feel that we are playing god
Depriving her of all contigencies
To decide
Her hands tied
The outside world has changed its face
The tide has turned the globe out of control
Don’t search for excuses
I cannot feel
So I am not real
Get me out of here
We did not act successfully
As we have tried to unify mankind
Remind: we
Can’t rewind
I don’t feel
So I am not real
Get me out of this
I am not real
‘cause I cannot feel
There is no square deal

J.L.: Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Isgaard: Vocals •  Ingo Salzmann: Electric Guitars • Dieter Koch: Acoustic Guitars •  Volker Kuinke: Tenor Recorder


9. The Virus

Half-light creeps up the pale skin
Of bodies left all around
Chaos left frozen footprints
On Machiavellian ground
The moon comes up
And lights up the sky
No statement left
That could be belied
Dead-end road double-sided
Fey madmen singing on
The virus in our veins will kill
The poison in our brains will thrill
We’ re counting down the days until
Our heartbeat finally stands still

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass (Vocal-Parts), Programming • Jan Petersen: Distorted Guitars • Ingo Salzmann: Crunch Guitar (Intro), Clean Guitar (Vers) • Dieter Koch: “Pling”-Guitar •  Ekiss Giloc: Plectrum-Bass (Instrumental Parts)


11. I See You (The regret)

More than 20 years ago
It was me who started up this show
So now I have to write those lines
It`s all that I can leave behind for you
So much time has passed
The world has changed at last
We all have gone astray
That’s why I cannot stay but
I see you
My lonely little girl
I see you
Wish you would have seen the world
I feel you
I feel you are my cild
I feel you
Inside you’re strong and wild
I’m branded by the mark of Cain
And I don’t know how to explain
A lack of empathy
Has chained your life to me
But I did not prevent
This infinite extent but
I see you
My lonely little girl
I see you
Wish you would have seen the world
I leave you
It’ s time to say goodbye
I leave you
Wish I would have let you fly

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming • Ingo Salzmann:  All Electric Guitars except Solo Guitar • Jan Petersen: Solo Guitar •  Katja Flintsch: Violin

2. Growing Up

She made it through the first years
Fed by robots and machines
They taught her how to walk and how to keep her body clean
She never heard another‘s voice, not a single word
She grows up silent with all her thoughts unheard
She’s ready for the TV
Ready for the TV
Switch on, curtain up, theatre of the absurd
A strange noise in her ears
She can see humans on the screens
A shock a scream she cannot move an echoe in her genes
Now the TV’s on
Now the TV’s on
She sits in front and the machines have gone.
She is the TV-girl…
Educated by the screens that pave the wall
First selected later she can see it all
News, films and fun
An unknown world now she’s stunned

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Jan Petersen:  All Distorted Electric Guitars except Solo Guitar • Ingo Salzmann:  Solo Guitar • Dieter Koch: Acoustic Guitars, Clean Electric Guitars • Ekiss Giloc: Plectrum Bass


3. TV-Show

The years go by without benefit or a sin
She never felt a human touch on her skin
Isolated in her lonely universe
Just a wall of screens transverse
She tries to get on with  those faces on the screens
Asks herself how she could look behind the scenes
Isolated for this overflowing show

Strange feelings start to grow
Constant flow
Swallow with wide open eyes
Blow by blow
Choose between true words and lies
Her world divides into a black part and a white
There must be something to make her future bright
If she behaves in a certain special way
And she can hold the black part at bay

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Jan Petersen:  Distorted Electric Guitars • Dieter Koch: Clean Electric Guitars


5. New Horizons

Still I’m here
All these images
that rush across the screen
Still she’s there
All these motivations
that change from scene to scene
Still we are
Black or white
Wrong or right
Good or bad
Who is there to decide
Still I think
There must be a kind of justice
a force that can divide
Still I link
The one man and the other
who lives and who will die
We are synced
Blindness, blinded eyes
Clear view, clear blue skies
I won’t be the one who dies
She’s moving on to new horizons
An inner voice is calling for release
She longs for someone who can guide her
Through doubts and darkness and finally to peace
Fear inside, I need a light
if only I’d believe
Insecure, without contour, perhaps it’s just conceived
I feel it deep inside my heart
If I trust in higher power I can join the poles apart
Save me from the dark
Bring me one ope one spark
Blindness, blinded eyes
Clear view, clear blue skies
I won‘t be the one who dies

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Programming • Isgaard: Vocals • Ingo Salzmann: All Electric Guitars except Solo Guitar • Jan Petersen: Solo Guitar • Dieter Koch: Acoustic Guitars • Katja Flintsch: Violins, Violas (for Orchestra Overdubs) • Annika Stolze: Violoncellos (for Orchestra Overdubs)


8. The Call

Hello Abbott it’s Gabriel, have you seen the news?
No, what’s up?
Worse than anything you could imagine.
What’s happened?
Some religious extremists have launched 
intercontinental missiles.
Oh my god!
The rockets are stacked with a bio-weapon, a new virus. 
There is no chance to survive. 
Farewell my good friend, farewell Abbott!

J.L.: Keyboards, Programming • John Turner: Voice (“Gabriel”) •  Kai Ritter: Voice (Dr. Abbott Barnaby)


10. Splinter In The Eye

There’s a light in her room
She’s awake at her desk
I see her chest rise and fall
A scene so grotesque
There’s a pen in her hand
Writing words on the pad
I refuse to zoom-in
‘cause she’s just scantily clad
There’s a voice in my head
It‘s a voice made of dread
I am sure it is hers
Sounding strange as it blurs
I’ve seen heaven and hell 
While she’s in front of the screens 
Outside it’s worse so much worse 
Than in her cell
She won’t see the blue sky
She won’t smell summer rain
She cannot taste a man’s kiss
We have put her in chains
I cant’t leave her imprisoned
In her lonely little space
While the change gets more profound
The world will lose its face

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming • Ingo Salzmann:  Crunch Guitars, Solo Guitar • Jan Petersen: Distorted Guitars except  Solo Guitar • Dieter Koch: Acoustic Guitars • Volker Kuinke:  Tenor Recorder • Ekiss Giloc: Bass


12. Epilogue (Her Poem)

A door to pass
To adore what lasts
When all is sunken dusty past
That passed away
Just on its way
Back to the start
To pass a door
Just to adore
That there is nothing

J.L.: Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Programming • Isgaard: Voice • Ingo Salzmann: Clean Guitar (right), Tremolo Guitar, 1st Guitar Solo, Single Note Distorted Guitar • Jan Petersen: Clean Guitar (left), additional Clean Guitar (Middle Part), Powerchord Guitar, 2nd Guitar Solo • Katja Flintsch: Violins, Viola (for Orchestra Overdubs) • Annika Stolze: Violoncellos (for Orchestra Overdubs)

All compositions and arrangements by Jens Lueck except the main theme of “the girl” composed by Marie-Jeanne Lueck

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jens Lueck at Art of Music Studio, Garlstorf, Gemany