The topics of the different pieces


1 Memories In A Box

The TV girl (Tella) lives outside the state-controlled zone in a self-organised community, which is also home to the hackers who were instrumental in freeing her from the surveillance area. She has slowly found her feet, bit by bit an inner security is developing and she feels safe and comfortable. She spends a lot of time in nature and has many conversations with others. For the first time, she finds people with whom she feels a soul kinship, who have similar thoughts to her own. But there are always brief moments when the shadows of the past pop up and frighten her.


2. Changes Are Coming (The Companion)

Tella asks one of the hackers, with whom she has a very close relationship, to arrange a meeting between her and Barnaby, because she has been told that he had the idea of smuggling her out of the government-monitored zone. Tella's friend is now very worried that Barnaby - contrary to his assurance to keep the past in the dark - will throw Tella off balance by doing something rash.


3. Thoughts

Barnaby, too, has long cherished the wish to finally meet Tella (again), to be face to face with her. The upcoming encounter triggers a chaos of emotions in him: Euphoria, almost mania is replaced by panic attacks and total insecurity. In the end, he firmly resolves not to mention the past or their personal connection.


4. The Encounter

The meeting takes place and Tella is filled with strange feelings (she only knows so far that Barnaby participated with the hackers in her "liberation" from the government-controlled zone). Despite all the resolutions Barnaby has made, he loses control and confesses to Tella that he was both the initiator of the brutal social experiment performed on her (see SPLINTER IN THE EYE) and - and this is a fact he has always and everywhere concealed until now - that he is her father.


5. Shifted

Tella loses the ground under her feet. Her entire view of the world is coming apart at the seams. The most diverse feelings condense into endless pain.


6. Inhale What's Forbidden

Tella has often observed hatred and violence in other people and has always distanced herself. Now all of this comes up in her - paired with self-rejection and aggression against herself. She looks into the abysses of her soul and realizes that she also carries all these parts inside her.


7 .Keep My Faith In Humans

Barnaby falls back into old patterns. Unable to cope with the consequences of his own actions, he resorts to pills to numb the pain. He takes refuge in self-pity and general criticism of the human species.


8. Distorted Night (instrumental)

Barnaby is tortured at night by nightmares that revive the past.


9. Event Horizon

From the narrator's point of view, the event horizon is described - both that of the two protagonists, and the phenomenon itself. The interesting things that move us forward in our development are usually in the dark. Without conscious effort, no new insight is possible.